Get a sharpie or other, not-so-brand-named, permanent marker. Got it? Good. Now go to the mirror and (though it is going to be tricky) write T-R-I-C-H-O-M-E across your forehead.


Because you need to do whatever you can to remind yourself to check out the funk-laden five from Fort Collins.

A lot of really good music has been growing out of the Mile-High area (sorry to the northern cities, but I’m just looking at a regional perspective), but this might be the best Colorado band you probably haven’t heard.  With one card to retro and another to progressive, Evan Daldegan, David Frediani, Matt Schooley, Matt Newhard and Mike Windham deal a notable hand with their self-titled EP.

Have you ever had that moment when you approach something with little to no expectations and the first words out of your mouth are HOLY CRAP!? Well, you might as well exclaim TRICHOME! Because once you become hypnotized with their bass-keyboard-afrobeat- sax-infused riffs, you can’t unlearn it.

From the moment I gave “Music Goes On” a spin to the moment I caught my breath and lifted my jaw off the floor with “Squirt” I was mesmerized and continuously impressed.  Trichome snags you in with their funky little jams on “Music Goes On” and “Strawberry,” which are seven minutes and over six and a half, respectively, before they proceed to truly blow your mind. “Strawberry Jam” is the best five minute, forty-one seconds I have spent in the longest time. The piano/guitar dance done along a funk stage of intermittent effects progresses into a, let’s face it, amazing track. The track is so well orchestrated and put together I could just stop here. But I shouldn’t because then I’d miss out on the love-groove enticing “Down and Dirty” and “Let Go.” Capping off the

Any way you spin it, Trichome is infectious to the fullest extent of the word and original. As if we cryogenically froze the mentality behind the best 70’s grooves to prevent them from becoming marred in anyway by the last forty years, put them on stage with modern technology, played a Jamiroquai album for a timing refresher and let them at it, Trichome delivers on a level that should be taken very seriously. I apologize you wrote on your forehead, but you’ll be thanking me.  You’re not getting my copy of the EP, but it is on bandcamp for “name your price.” Don’t be cheap, this is the kind of music that deserves the money.