“It makes it really hard to put together a fun bill for Friday night when every other band in LA seems to be whining about their shitty girlfriend. Grow some balls hombre…”

–          Nicki Taylor

Pop quiz:

Question: What do Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” and Talk Talk’s “Talk Talk” have in common?

Answer: They sound badass when redone by Running the Risk.

As if the songs were meant to be redone by the California four-some, Aaron Cohan, Curtis Corwin and Nick Bell lay down fierce instrumentals that are sure to get Sabbath fans rocking on “War Pigs.” Though the track has been redone by several bands over the past few decades, when you throw in Nicki Taylor’s attitude heavy, no-holds-barred vocals into the mix it stands up against the test.

Even when the EP takes a turn to the pop with “Talk Talk” there is a natural ability Running the Risk has to turn it into more than a song made by New Wave Brits thirty years ago. They masterfully spike the 80s pop with slick guitar, heavy beats, digital backing and raw raunchy delivery.  Simply put they make “Talk Talk” cool.

Because We Can is simply “War Pigs” and “Talk Talk.” That’s all Running the Risk needs. There is an ever-so-slight California façade to the tracks which only add flavor to their sound.  With just two tracks they infuse their no bs attitude to a stand up and stand out two track EP.

No more pop quizzes. The only answer you need to know is Because We Can.