Either I have super powers or I’m just lucky. About two weeks ago I was thinking that we’ve been fortunate enough to discover music from Puerto Rico, Spain, Italy, Australia, England and several other countries, but I haven’t really heard what is going on in Scotland. Now thinking doesn’t constitute super power (yet) but having a Scottish band drop into your lap might.

Now Kyle Falconer, Kieren Webster, Pete Reilly and Steven Morrison didn’t land in my lap, that would just be awkward, but their album Cheeky For A Reason did.

The quartet hailing from Dundee released their fourth studio album on July 9th via Cooking Vinyl. The twelve track indie-rock album is fascinating and inspiring. Fascinating in the sense that these Scotts have a rather large following, but here in the states, I had never heard of them. That needs to change. It is inspiring in that their light hearted, solid delivery is a sound you can easily get behind. Each song has character as it precisely packs in a talented set of musicians and monopolizes every ounce of an addictive personality you have.

From the rolling drum entrance of “How Long” to the piano ballad fade of “Tacky Tattoo” I was enticed, thrilled and moved. Falconer’s voice is loaded with Scottish accent as it weaves in and out of Webster’s hook filled bass licks, Reilly’s purposeful chords and Morrison’s well timed beats. Combining their talents, The View has crafted what is quite possibly the most addicting album we’ve heard all year. You’ll feel the pain of “Anfield Road” (which feels to closely related to Liverpool F. C. and they’re painful enough) and feel the sympathy for “The Clock.” You’ll sway to “Bullet” and its stadium anthem breakdown then you’ll rock to “Sour Little Sweetie.” You’ll even get advice because “The girl with the tacky tattoo/is the one you shouldn’t do/it’ll only lead/to troubled epic fail.” Cheeky For A Reason is about as comprehensive as any indie rock album can be.  There is no doubt that time has been good to these gents from Dundee. Their experience hand-delivers a solid twelve tracks worthy of the highest praise.

Super powers still in question, the closest thing I can get to something extraordinary is The View. The release of Cheeky For A Reason came as a pleasant surprise and will remain as a solid go-to album for a long time to come.  Refreshingly original, constructed with range, attention to depth and obviously proud of their sound, The View have succeeded.