Have you ever walked the hallowed halls of an art museum, in and around the exhibits that were created over the course of centuries and been in complete awe of the evolution of art in all mediums? Whether sculpture, paint or anything else that can be imagined, if you open your mind and allow yourself to become entranced in just the art, you can feel it.

Most art museums have a modern art hall. This hall is comprised of some of the most baffling creations you may ever encounter or some of the most beautiful pieces of our age. Regardless of your opinion it is the direction art has taken. Or so those fancy people in suits who tell you to stop trying to recreate Monet in Crayon on the tiled floors say it is…

Well if you were to give the modern art movement a soundtrack, I can think of no better sound than David Lindstrom. Captivating, haunting, abstract and perplexing, In the Arms of Some Wingless Miracle epitomizes a truly artistic approach to music. A lot of people call themselves “recording artists,” but we all need to admit that there is nothing artful about Chad Kroeger (no matter who he marries). The term artist was once reserved for those who freely expressed their thoughts and conveyed them as they saw fit into their creation. David Lindstrom is just that.

From wind chimes lingering over echoing ambience to distorted macabre-like build ups Lindstrom’s second studio album is a vast experience of artistic music in the purest form. It is such a bold experimentation that at times I recoil from the abrasive sound, at times I fall down the rabbit hole of effects and ultimately I stand and applaud the boldness and creativity that is his art. The eight track album speaks to your inner being, if you let it. Superficially it is chaotic and seemingly random, but if you let it in, let it envelop you, really let it get into your psyche, you’ll find a beautifully orchestrated dream that will carry you for just over thirty minutes.

Capturing art and confining it within his tracks Lindstrom paints a stretching landscape filled with enough detail you can’t become bored. Put on some headphones, close your eyes and let yourself experience David Lindstrom’s In the Arms of Some Wingless Miracle. It is an expansive depth and dance of sound that will pique your senses; it will change you.