Ever buy an album a friend recommended only to get it home and realize it is absolute shit. Then you wish you had spent the $20 on something cool, like a monkey that plays the accordion? The self-titled album by The Bad Joke That Ended Well is not that album.  Three words sum up my initial impression of this album. This Kicks ASS!

Hailing from Bristol, England, The Bad Joke That Ended Well’s self-titled album is their second release and is described as ” a garage rock, psychedelic and blues infused music with incredibly energetic shows.”  I have to agree.  The guitar, banjo and harmonica, played by John Turner blend well with the vocals of  Alex Studer  and the heady use of the drums, bass and organ by Matthew Davies, Jason Strickland and Eduardo Vizan Tascon.

With heavy use of guitar and drums with banjo and harmonica mixed in, “Journey Man,” “Mountains,” “Dance of the Dead” and “Strangler” offer songs that get into your head and totally rock you out.

The whole album has fast a psychedelic movement to it that reminds me of what music from the late 60s and early 70s would have been like; complete with acid trips and wild drug induced orgies. “I’m Not There,” “Hold My Hand” and “Rain Comes Down” offer a refreshing take on stereotypical garage rock, leading the listener to move to the music and leave you wanting more.

When this album came across my player, I must have listened to it at least twenty times, opening track to closing, under the guise of “soaking it in” for the review. Truth is, I really freakin like this album! Take my advice, go to their website, purchase the album and download and sit back for a far out ride. This band knows their shit.