I’ve talked about the argument of vinyl vs digital quite a bit, but what about raw vs produced? It is at the forefront of our minds constantly but sadly it tends to be overlooked by arguments over genre or medium. Well I’d like to make the argument here for raw.

Colorado’s Fish Rike Project is a Mile High duo pouring their talents into their music under the belief that talent should supersede production. How about that; crazy idea huh?

The Fish Rike project began in 2006 as a love for authentic music, carried on the shoulders of Nathan Rike. Though incredibly passionate about his art, he’s even a drum teacher, had to realize his shortfalls and to do his vision justice brought on friend and vocalist Alex Salinas.

Following up 2010’s The Lonely Heart EP the duo have transitioned from the light Christian rock to a more distorted rock style. Though Lung Capacity hints at religious undertones, it is easily palatable for even those not looking for such a categorized rock. Their raw, untainted approach to their sound has me believing in their talents.

It is obvious that Lung Capacity is not over produced, certainly not in a detracting way. For that I applaud them. Feeling ever-so-slightly off vocally with the album opener “Believe” by the end of the track I settle in to their style. As the EP progresses it is hard not to draw similarities with a Lifehouse-like sound, but at the same time is far less annoying pop. Beginning with a heavier dose of rock then it ends; Lung Capacity travels a continuous path toward acoustic rock. Ending on “From Here,” the five track EP closes out by picking up the pace and making one last stance for their sound. Vocally, and instrumentally especially, Rike and Salinas hold their own with their newest release.