One of the best things about music is the evolution of sounds. Artist’s visions for taking something that has been established, twisted it, molded it and spewed it out onto a colorful mix of their imagination. Too often this is buried deep inside a band and requires precision audible surgery to extract it.

One such surgical success is Seattle’s Gumshen. Beginning as a hard rock quartet, Ron Hippie, Dennis McCoy, Jan Ciganik and Rich Hinklin took shelter under Rich Hinklin’s production expertise (The Art Institute of Seattle, Word of Mouth Productions and Reciprocal Recording) to find their calling.

Hinklin brought out an electrified funk-fest dipped in alt-rock and dried out on a rack of psychedelic jam-band experimentation.  To put it plainly Everything What We Recorded sounds like everything they have recorded. The audible attention-deficit disorder, AADD as I’ll call it, will leave your head spinning with the eclectic range of styles melted into the seven track album. It should be noted; however, this does not make Gumshen appear as though they don’t know what they’re doing. Rather, they’re very good at precisely what they do.  Opener “Hammer & Nails” is upbeat and swaying. “Jag It Up” hugs you with a Franz-like electro groove. “Gooch Machine” hones in on a heavy RHCP bass/surfer alt-rock style. And “Every Drop of Rain” will have you feeling a Queen influence while “Done” nods a head at The Flys.

If there has ever been one band that bends, twists and crafts a sound out of a bargain bin of musical influence, Gumshen is it. They’ve got their finger on catchy and they’re knee deep in talent, but you’ll be hard pressed to not make associations with their sound. This is a good thing as there is something for everyone in just seven tracks. With a little time and another recording, Gumshen is sure to settle into a consistent style and I will definitely be looking forward to it. In the meantime, the record certainly makes a good addition to you work out mix. It is easy to become lost in their jam-band break downs and fall into their sound. With the powerful rhythm section and fearless vocals, Everything What We Recorded leaves me craving more.