Nowadays listening to “pop music” seems outrageous. In the past alternative music was considered a genre for a few privileged and pop music was expanding everywhere, in 2012 these roles are reversed; today, alternative is the new mainstream. Thanks to the continuing evolution of media, the massive use of internet and the different ways to mix opposite kinds of music, this gap doesn’t exist anymore.  If you want to listen to a band who hasn’t signed with a label yet, you can easily find it on the web. Over the years, the conception of pop music as “the shallow one” has survived, but there’s nothing wrong with pop music as long as it’s made with passion and art. A song can be good, even if it’s an easy listen and catchy. And a band can be good even if it captures your interest at first listen, like this one I’m going to tell you about: Savoir Adore.

Savoir Adore comes from Brooklyn. They’re a duo composed by Deidre Muro and Paul Hammer and they are set to release the brand new album Our Nature on October 16. It is an ethereal and sweet piece of music which cradles the listener in a fantasy rock journey. “Dreamers” is the first track: Deidre’s elegant voice becomes the platform on which Paul’s plays. These two certainly can sing and know how to mix their talent in a unique way. “Loveliest creature” reminds me of Goldfrapp and some of the latest work of Charlotte Gainsbourg; in general the album is influenced by the dream-pop wave, you just have to hear “Imagination” or “Wild Davie” to realize it. “Our nature” is like a magic case which becomes cuter and cuter every time you listen to it; “Anywhere You Go” is one of the best tracks, with its catchy chorus and refinement, it takes you to another world. This album has the power to take your soul to a fantasy realm far away from every kind of evil. One full of colors and brightness with psychedelic sparks. “Regalia” is the grooviest track; it sounds a little bit 80s and a little like MGMT; it’s the kind of track you listen to when you have to chill out but you don’t want to fall asleep. “Empire of light,” is instead, the track you put on when you have to stop chilling out and get dressed for a date. “Sea of Gold” is the last song and is also the best expression of their dream-pop inspiration.

Our Nature is a world broken in two: soft and catchy in the first and dream pop in the second. Two parts which coexist perfectly and give to the listener a break from all the noise and chaos that lives outside. Yep, there’s nothing wrong with pop music.