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-Teneya’s Take-

When I was still in high school, (to be fair, it wasn’t that long ago) I found myself surrounded by fans of foreign music. And by “foreign music” I really mean “anything without English lyrics.” Even though I’ve moved on in my tastes, hearing my old favorites never fails to bring the nostalgic tear to my eye. The point of my anecdote is this –Experience music in a foreign language, completely, at some point in your life. It’s a headfirst dive into really understanding how important emotion is in conveying a message, and how subtle that importance can be.

If you’ve never heard Dark Alternative – the somewhat cryptic one-liners that push the meaning of the song, laid over memorable guitar riffs and dramatic drum lines, Hangmás’s Ragadozó is a good place to start that foreign experience.

If the key to the best music is projecting emotion you can’t otherwise describe, then Hangmás is on the right track. Without knowing any of the words, the context, or having any idea of what these six are trying to convey, the song fits it’s (loosely translated) title “Predator” so perfectly you’re almost expecting it.

The downside? Hangmás’s style is a little hard to swallow. Not a lot can prepare you for a voice like Endre’s unless you’ve already heard a good amount of the same style.  If you’re not ready for the gritty, emotional changes from hissing anger to the somewhat-shouted oaths of revenge (and this is just what you gather without lyrics), you’re going to have a very hard time appreciating this song for what it’s worth.

While the almost-overdone lead guitar progression and angst-y style of the songs may take their toll on your ears, Ragadozó is going to give you a good serving of the best musical elements, and top it off with strong emotional style. Give it a chance.