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-Greg’s Take-

Let’s face it, metal has essentially become anyone who can scream into a mic while their friend pounds out power chords and another annihilates a double kick drum. If we get any melody, it is a plus.

With that all being said, it is obvious why the likes of Rob Zombie and Disturbed make up the elite class of hard rock/metal. They know how to bring character to their sound without an overdose of obnoxious shredding.

When a metal band comes along, I’m rather apprehensive.  But from the moment I hit play on Terre Haute-based From These Ruins, I was addicted.

Finally a hard rock/metal sound with all the right ingredients! In early 2012 they released Brotherhood. The six track, pulse pounding, over thirty minute album is loaded to the brim with heavy licks, melodic vocals and powerful messages.

From These Ruins finds an impressively rare quality with their sound. Rusty Sparks booms out the perfect metal voice while Jeff Garloch and Timothy Hartman intertwine their tour-de-force guitars. Matthew Bridgewaters and Chad Anderson pack the rhythm section with precision audible explosions. And here’s the bonus, Anderson, yes a metal drummer, shares vocals.

We’ll let that sink in for a moment.
From These Ruins’ talents never, not once, come into question. If they are anything, it is a sleeper band ready to dominate the mainstream with their sound.

Is there a catch?

Depends on how you look at it; I certainly do not think it is anything that would deter the masses.

You see, Brotherhood tears through your expectations with tracks like “Biblicon,” “Crush The Devil” and “Temptation.” Figured it out yet? Since it is far too easy to get lost in their sound, allow me to enlighten you. From These Ruins is clearly a Christian metal band.

This is a rather rare thing to find in the grand scheme of this sound. They do well not to play to the overly religious undertones. Instead they do what they do best; they combine well written lyrics with a sound that can only be described as Rob Zombie and Disturbed’s love child; Disturbedbie.  Or in plain English, one of the best metal sounds I’ve heard in a long time.

From These Ruins is a stand-up and stand-out band that is poised for greatness. They have enough character to last them a long, long time. Don’t be afraid of their sound, embrace it. Don’t just listen to them, tell someone about them. From These Ruins is what Metal is all about.