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In recent days, the United States has seen an outpouring of support from the smallest communities to the largest cities from around the world. Though the world of music knows no boundaries or borders, it does not make it any different than any one person.

In fact, through music we can find solace, we can find someone who can understand when others won’t and we can even express our own level of support.

As did most all of us, Tommy Bailey sat in disbelief as details emerged out of Newtown, Connecticut.  With music as his outlet, Tommy reached first for his loved ones and then for his guitar. He did not attempt to make sense of it all, that wouldn’t be possible. He did not try to put a bandage on what we, as humanity, are feeling. Instead, he expressed warmth and compassion through song.

“Let There Be Hope” expresses the oneness we all feel in the aftermath of devastation, but with an understanding that there is much to do in the near as well as distant future.

Bailey Music is donating all profits from “Let There Be Hope” to organizations that provide counseling resources to those affected by the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.

Even if you are unable to financially support “Let There Be Hope,” we encourage you to sit down and reflect with the deeply moving song and perhaps share the encouragement with another.