There are always bands in the world’s musical rotation that are considered the next “big thing” or that release the “must hear” music. Typically these bands are nudged aside for the next as this circle progresses without any concern for how much someone may have liked it.

Equipped with an immense amount of raw talent, a genuine dedication to their passion, and a following of fans that would not let them fail The Rationales are on deck to release The Distance In Between. Ten tracks of pure rock which dances around the edges of southern rock, 90’s vibes, and all around feel good music. This is the kind of album that makes you, as a fan, happy to experience.

It would be an injustice to the power of music if I failed to express my awe in how this album came to fruition. Utilizing the amazing power of fandom they appealed to the masses to help fund this sophomore release via Kickstarter, a site devoted to helping artists fund their endeavors.

These five Bostonians, I’m positive,  are the type that would make your jaw hit the floor live. Particularly common in their appearance, their music is anything but average. I’ve found it quite difficult to narrow down which song should be broken down and analyzed as they’re all just as fantastic as the rest. “Jaded” is an all encompassing display of the purity of rock that has been tapped into on this album. “Another Moon” takes off with a mellow guitar riff pairing in a naturally feeling harmony with the vocals. Capping off the album with “The One You Wanted,” I’m left with a completely satisfied emotion that only leaves me wishing it were more than 37 minutes. Well laid out guitars, purposeful drumming, and smooth harmonies is the basis for this retro feeling new rock album. Nothing is over done or attempted that seems out of place or too much for these East Coasters.

In today’s environment of ambient rock and crazy layered tracks, The Distance In Between is a breath of fresh air. With an album like this, all one can see is a long successful future of great music.

Rationales is a “must hear” band. The only difference is you’ll find yourself struggling to nudge them aside for something else.