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-Greg’s Take-

There is a massive debate right now about what you can and cannot legally partake in for recreational purposes.

Well we have something that is guaranteed to funk you up. And the best part is we can almost guarantee you won’t get in any trouble for it recreationally or habitually.

The ever spectacular Fort Knox Recordings is set to release All Good Funk Alliance’s third Jack of All Trades Remixed EP.  Frank Cueto and Russell Belicek compiled four tracks into the EP, “Go Go Bananas (Qdup Foundation Remix),” “Go Go Bananas (Arcadion Remix),” “Ain’t True (Trotter Remix)” and “Quatra-Boogie (LazerAudit Remix)” to make a massively entertaining, nearly twenty two minutes.

That moment when you realize a great song can become three great songs hits you like a shot of adrenaline when Interstellar funk-master Arcadion drops the flamboyant for synth riddled beats and Nu Funk trio Qdup Foundation mold an even more danceable version of “Go-Go Bananas” Or in the simplest terms, we’re given a Battle Royale of Funk that can have no losers.  The end result is something that will have Christopher Walken lining up to move to.

Adding some spicy flare to the EP, Sao Paulo’s own Trotter spins the electric “Ain’t True” and makes you get lost in six minutes of flare infused Nu Funk/Nu Disco you’ll want to tell everyone about. The track bends and breaks on slick transitions that will engulf you.

Capping off Jack of All Trades Remixed EP 3, all too soon if you ask me, is Canadian extraordinaire LazerAudit. The much more subtle, but none less fantastic “Quatra-Boogie (LazerAudit Remix)” pours into your inner grove in almost seven minutes of ambient splendor.  The mellow ending to the EP seals things off nicely and compliments the great balance All Good Funk Alliance is able to achieve.

Refreshingly unpredictable, All Good Funk Alliance’s third Jack of All Trades Remixed EP 3 is more than some basement recording tossed into the oversaturated Nu Funk/Electronic world. It is a creature all its own. It is four tracks that have me playing on loop.  Do yourself the favor of checking out All Good Funk Alliance. And when you do, don’t thank me, just groove.