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-Teneya’s Take-

It will come as a shock and a bit of taboo when I admit that when I first heard him, I didn’t like Kavinsky. Sure Nightcall was good, but everything else I heard bored me to tears.

But that was well over a year ago, and Kavinsky is infectious. When OutRun was announced at the end of last year, I must admit I peed myself a little with excitement. Fans have been waiting for a Kavinsky album about as long as they’ve been waiting for Daft Punk to put out something that isn’t Disney-related.

Sure, I knew it was going to be good; I didn’t think it would be this good.

If you took Danger, ripped out the video game influences, and replaced them with a Ferrari, you’d have Kavinsky. No, that doesn’t quite capture it. If you were being chased by a gang in a 1980’s-envisioned future, you’d have Kavinsky. That’s not right either. If this was Drive and you were Ryan Gosling, the opening credits would be Kavin…

Oh wait. That is Kavinsky.

But honestly, nothing quite captures Kavinsky like the need to drive down a desert highway alone at night. Though, I don’t suggest you listen to OutRun while driving if you want to keep your record free of speeding tickets.

While the first track is heavy on the corny side, “Blizzard” and “Protovision” dive right into the classic French House beat that made him famous.  I could write an entire review for 80% of the songs on this album alone. “Rampage” and “Suburbia” are heavy hitters as well; even the most hardened of brostep fans would fall to pieces over these.

They’re almost all instant classics in their own right, but how about “Odd Look?” Just when you thought you couldn’t fit another impossibly smooth sound into an album, you’re hit with a classic set of vocals from SebastiAn, and it’s one for the ages. Not many tracks have made my jaw fall to the floor faster than that one did. Top it off with “Nightcall” and “Testarossa Autodrive” and you’ve got an excellent album, but Kavinsky’s got six more tracks before he’s done.



Screw it; I can’t get sick of OutRun. I don’t care how quickly my license is revoked; I’m rolling down my windows and turning this up. They can’t catch me; I’m channeling the spirit of Kavinsky’s Testarossa. Turn this on and I’m gone.