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-Greg’s Take-

Unless you’ve been ignoring us for quite some time, you’ll have noticed our passion for the San Francisco music scene. The Bay Area has some of the hardest working musicians I have ever seen. And within said scene, I have heard many give the title of “Hardest Working Band” to Rin Tin Tiger over and over again, but I would like to throw another name in the hat; Thunderegg.

Will Georgantas has to be the hardest working person you’ve been missing out on. Sure he’s from the east coast, but he is now based in San Francisco, therefore he is a contender and to be honest, his sound compliments the scene superbly.

Having released over fifteen albums in the last twenty years under the moniker Thunderegg, Georgantas and crew know their way around their sound and waste no time proving it.

The release of Not What I Meant leans heavily on the premise that, although there is a ton of experience, sometimes simple is the best way to go.

In a Radiohead-like indie meets folk move, recorded on a four-track cassette, Not What I Meant encapsulates a simplistic, familiar sound that comforts and feels very human.  From “Piled at Our Feet,” which claims an instant victory from the recording production, on through “A Fix Exists,” with its rolling basement rock style, through the reflective “11:11,” Thunderegg touches a range of style while maintaining an individuality firmly planted in confidence and a serious love of music.

Where I felt Line Line leaned to relative obscurity at times, Not What I Meant is cohesive and forms nicely on the audible palette. It snuggles up to folk in front of a vintage fire, but opts to keep its Eels shirt and progressive socks on. The warmth and presence established by Thunderegg reiterates their experience and talent. This allows the focus to be less on the little things, like first album jitters, and more on generating such a pure sound; to which we can only hope the future brings much more of.