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-Greg’s Take-

There is a world within our existence that is far too often ignored. It lives within the toughness of grown men and the innocence of children. It is larger than this rock we stroll around on day after day and more vibrant than any paintbrush can portray.

In this world there is a vast field that appear as golden waves stretching out to the horizon. It moves in unison by the unseen gentle wind. As it sways back and forth from the gentle caress, it can be seen that the individual blades of grass is humanity and the gentle wind, conducting humanities ebb and flow, is the beautifully orchestrated Idan Raichel Project.

The ballad that moves and delivers is the sixteen track, two part, release Quarter to Six.  Built specifically in two parts – splitting up the record at track nine , “Mon Amour”- Raichel crafted a journey that will open your mind and allow you to lose yourself for nearly an hour.

With subtle, yet profoundly moving grace, Raichel displays a sense of musical awareness I haven’t heard since Peter Gabriel. As he touches down with the rolling “Achshav Karov (Closer Now)” I became insanely addicted to his sound…and that’s just the second song.

As if to say “Your argument is invalid,” for any argument other than to live and let live, Quarter to Six spellbinds as it sings songs in Hebrew, Portuguese, German and Arabic. Though language may be a barrier in conversation, in The Idan Raichel Project, it becomes transparent and worldly, elevating the sound as easily as light moves through a room.

Where I would struggle to identify specific standout songs, I quickly realize they are all as transcending as the next. The sheer awesomeness that is Quarter to Six has me sitting in appreciation from beginning to end, unlike anything I’ve experienced in recent memory. It is the kind of album that you can meditate on; close your eyes and be taken far from the petty bickering of politics, worldly issues or even something as simple as a bad day. The Idan Raichel Project is as impactful to your inner humanity as it is profound and elegant.