It can be a rather daunting task when you put multiple minds together to create a sound. Each person carries their own influences and traditions and then you throw in the ever-changing landscapes of each genre of music and culture. If we’re really lucky, through all the mix of ideas, styles, and arguments, we can find a magical experience.

Encompassing what one would expectCaliforniato sound like, should a state have a sound, Brilliant Colors divvies up a mixture of oldies surfer rock guitar and drum accompanied by underwhelmed vocals.

The trio from the Bay Area formidably approaches a world plagued with female artists who, more often than not, are too glitzy for their own good and lays the smackdown on the meat dress wearing images of today. Carrying a style of subtlety, these gals let their music do the talking.

Striving to expand from their punk roots, Brilliant Colors has craftily tapped into a more vintage sound reminiscent of the female led late 80’s indie scene with Again and Again. Diane, Jess, and Michelle have taken the bubblegum out of the Go-Go’s, pushed them down, kicked them twice, and stole their lunch money. Within all of their vivaciousness, there is an attitude that lives in this latest studio release which emerges as pop with spikes.  Reminiscent of the pioneering style and vocals of Kim Deal, only slightly more controlled; Brilliant Colors revives a sure to please sound.

Bursting out with “Hey Dan,” you’re immediately taken into the world of the new west coast sound. Jess Scott sings each track with a voice that seems slightly subdued yet effective against her guitar while Diane Anastasio drums out an open high hat fueled and snare drum heavy march. All the way through to “L.A.’s” Michelle Hill creates a wave of bass lines that carry you almost invisibly through this ten track album. The ability to move you through the album from track to track with such raw precision continues on in “’Round Your Way” stands up to prove the talents of Brilliant Colors. The dream-like lyrics laid over incredibly contagious guitar riffs reels you in and spit you out the other side wanting to have another go.

Finding a niche in an otherwise sea full of sounds fueled by the moniker “girl band” can prove to be quite the task. These three Californian girls hold true to a nostalgic, simplistic style of playing and bring it forward with all the modern fixings all their own.
Brilliant Colors by brilliantcolorsinfo