Commercialization of a song or artist is no grounds for disliking their music. Now that I have gotten that out of the way, were you aware there was a whole album attached to Sweet Disposition? From TV to the big screen the song has been everywhere. Best use? (500) Days of Summer Soundtrack. Worst use? Every promo ABC has run. I would say it is a very catchy tune, but I prefer to just close my eyes and pretend I’m in an epic movie looking out over the world with hope that it is about to get much, much better. Just like the end of a John Hughes movie.

All 80’s movie references aside, The Temper Trap have really set the bar high with their first studio endeavor. I love a funky little organ groove as much as the next person, but these guys opened my eyes to a whole new breed of Organ Rock. Ok, I get how that sounds, but stick with me here. They’ve taken the instrument away from Grandma’s afternoon tea time at the old folks home and made it fit. These Aussies seem to tap into something unique that will set themselves apart for a very long time. The roots in the South Pacific Islands come out in the melodies and beats right off the bat. Mix that in with heartfelt vocals, throw in a few rock breakdowns, and crafty lyrics. You come out with a top notch album. Track after track I’m eager to listen on. Drum Song comes in at the end to encompass it all and leave you satisfied.

The infectious rhythms, lyrics, and well all around rockness (yes, I said rockness) keep me coming back to Conditions again and again. Good thing we don’t listen to tapes anymore, because this one would get worn out!