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-Greg’s Take-

When you think of female led bands they tend to fall into just a few categories: Angry Rock Chick, the “I want to be Adele,” the “Imogen Heap meant a lot to me” and Pop. With the exception of a few outliers, most modern female-voice based bands slide, seemingly comfortably, into any of the aforementioned.

Now, allow me to introduce the sound that breaks the expectations. Yassou Benedict. This group of four friends from New York relocated to San Francisco and was aided by some exquisite vocal talent in releasing their life changing EP In Fits In Dreams; not that they needed anymore talent, but consider it icing on the cake.

As if hand delivered by some higher being, the five track In Fits In Dreams builds a palace of electrifying instrumentals and soul-moving voices. Patrick Aguirre, A.J. Krumholz, Lilie Bytheway Hoy and James Jackson construct a musical vision that, as far as this writer is concerned, is unsurpassed on the underground/independent level. The boldly deep keys, mixing with electronic beats, which echo off pathways of often haunting vocals transcend what we commonly believe is “female-voice based” bands.

Emotionally charged beauty is immediately met by seemingly infinite, yet masterfully minimal, tracks. Throughout the EP, even when incorporating Melissa Auf Der Mauer’s (Smashing Pumpkins and Hole) voice on “In Fits In Dreams” and “The Cloisters,” there is a flawless, shimmering light of electro-pop/jazzy experimentation sound that is as hypnotic as it is rich. The foursome plays off one another as if they are an extension of each other and their harmonies are delicious. Their tightly woven transitions and dynamic style would even prompt me to call this the new Radiohead. Yes, I just said that.

In only five tracks, Yassou Benedict has proven the exception to the rule in virtually every angle. In Fits In Dreams is dark and drifting, but magically attractive. Their style fits everything from smoky lounge to festival and I doubt it will be long before they make both a reality; regularly.  Keep your eye on Yassou Benedict and in the meantime your ears on In Fits In Dreams, a sound like this is more uncommon than one-in-a-million; it is incredibly rare and should be cherished as such.