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-Greg’s Take-

Jungle. Afro-Columbian House. Dubstep. WorldBeat.

All types of Electronic music or the easiest way to describe New York’s weaver of worldly dance music Atropolis?

Though it has been two years since the world saw his debut album, Atropolis (Aka Adam Partridge) has not been sitting idly by waiting for the recording urge to hit him. Having traveled extensively and played to a plethora of venues, Atropolis found the time to combine his experiences into a worldly fusion/sophomore album titled Transitions.

When we talk about electronic music on an island, most would jump right to Ibiza; but for Atropolis, his ability to fuse an incredibly organic Caribbean presence in his mixes leads me struggling to find absolutely anything comparable.  Transitions immediately becomes a wall of sound echoing between the peaked beats and forests of layered instruments. It knows how to keep it chill at all the right moments and get your blood pumping the next. In short, this album is one hell of an experience you absolutely must immerse yourself in.

With help from Boogat to Carol C to Brent Arnold and from stuttering build-ups (“Urban Chief”) to jungle flair dancing with beautiful vocals (“Reza Por Mi”) Atropolis builds an island oasis with his skills. There is a little for everyone. Most tracks easily hold their own, while together they become a work of art. If you’re looking for upbeat dance-ability, look no further. If you’re looking for something to relax to while sitting in the sun, here it is.

For a man from New York, I am amazed to hear the roots sound he holds so near. Through the urban jungle and the city skylines a sound very free and open has emerged.  If one person could urbanize the thick sound of island electronic music and bring it into the dark, dank, cynical world of the East Coast than that person is well worth my time and your time; and when the results are this good you have no excuse.