The never ending discussion of whether music can control one’s mood or attitude has just received another player.

Stepping up to the plate with complete ferocity, Problems to the Answer is the latest release by the pulse pounding, ear splitting, and heavy rockers SSS. In all my adventures, I have never heard an album quite so metal. I’m sure there are bands that would prompt you to say “Greg there are more ’hardcore‘ or ’metal‘ out there.” However, I have yet to come across one so complete. Solidly laid out over 41 and a half minutes, we’re given a taste of just about everything metal. Screaming unrecognizable lyrics, melody, heavy distorted guitars, machine gun drumming, and hacksaw riffs make up what proves to be quite the compilation. So much so in fact, SSS is so metal you taste it.

This album has the ability to get under your skin and become a part of you. This album, despite the almost eight minute ballad in place to close it out, will get your blood boiling. It will pump you up. From the immediate grinding guitar opening in “The Kill Floor,” through the ADD paced lyrics in “Birdshit,” to the far reaches at track 24, “Dismantle The Dream,” you’ll be fed an unending dose of adrenaline.

There is always a time and place for this sound. Work out music? Absolutely. Driving? You bet! Doing the NY Times Crossword? Let’s just say I never knew I could get so angry when misspelling I. M. Pei.

Although Problems to the Answer is 25 tracks of hard, heavy, often incoherent rock, it is certainly nothing that will make you want to attack the next person you see. It will give you a remedy to feeling sluggish and dull. Take a dose of audible adrenaline and listen to Problems to the Answer.