Whitney Monge Steadfast

-Greg’s Take-

Have you ever had a moment, it usually comes when you have your headphones on, that you feel you’re either in a music video of your own making or that what you’re listening to was meant for just you at that precise moment?

If you have, then you’ll know there is an imbuing quality to the music that lifts you up, speaks to you on a very personal level, but also seems to make the world around you make sense.

If you have never experienced this life-changing moment, let me help you out. Grab your headphones and meet me at Steadfast.

The EP from Seattle, by way of Spokane, singer/songwriter Whitney Mongé is five gliding Americana rooted passion filled songs that moves me in a way I haven’t felt since I found deep cuts from Johnny Cougar.

Sure the superficial association would be a quick one to Melissa Etheridge, but stick with me here, there is much more than meets the eye. Steadfast exudes a sense of standing on the streets of America watching the world move; all while standing in the middle of the chaos, but invisible to it at the same time. Mongé’s writing is a pleading call-to-arms for each and every listener to acknowledge the beauty in the simple things and accept the feelings that come with life. Not all of which are sunshine and butterflies.  The beautiful love songs (“This Road”) balance with her breaking, but no less dynamic vocals as they mix with acoustic guitar and stings (“Out”). There is a sweet rasp to her voice that says hey, I can be fun pop but really comes across call me sweet, I dare you.

In five tracks, the Steadfast EP goes from a left-hook-to-the-jaw infectious groove to a long and open road of endless possibility. It is as uplifting and bold as it is colorful and impressive. Though based around a core of lyrical associations to broken relationships, there is a driving force to Mongé, mainly her stunning ability as a musician, that has me issuing this warning: Attention all singer/songwriters and Americana fans, and those touting Acoustic Soul, there is a new member among the ranks of your “elite” and her name is Whitney Mongé.

Take note, Whitney Mongé is a class all her own and this is one hell of an EP that you should not miss.