Duo De Twang - Four Foot Shack

-Greg’s Take-

When Lucius Fox and Jack Torrance penned their list of things to throw money at, the term “Bucket List” became a household phrase. I’ve never been huge on making my own list, grocery or otherwise, but over time I’ve mentally made note of certain things that I’d like to experience before they take me away.

On this mental chalkboard is:

-Guinness Ice Cream
-The Seahawks winning a Super Bowl
-Les Claypool performing “Pipe Line,” “Man In The Box,” and “Jerry Was A Race Car Driver” in a backwoods, one-step-this-side-of-less-creepy Deliverance country kind of way

Well friends, let’s celebrate one of these together. And because I have gone through three computers and now know Guinness Ice Cream won’t upload well, let’s talk Duo De Twang.

In the form of Four Foot Shack, Mr. Mindboggling Bass Slinger Les Claypool and former M.I.R.V.  guitarist extraordinaire Bryan Kehoe, though much less “Monkey Boy,” team up like Tango and Cash; if Tango and Cash sat in rocking chairs on a porch deep in the Georgia woods while spinning tales in a hypnotic folk fashion.

The delicately constructed, overwhelmingly addictive fifteen song album proves the timelessness of Claypool’s style, the boundary-pushing balls the duo possess and that Les Claypool doesn’t just throw lyrics at awesome songs; sometimes the lyrics can be awesome as well.  In this case, it is his reimagining of songs we’ve probably heard half a million times. The would-be-simple-but-nothing-they-do-is-simple sound the duo emits reprising past hits like “Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” and covering hits that weren’t theirs (but are now) like “Man In The Box,” “Battle Of New Orleans” and “Stayin’ Alive” come alive and take on characteristics I never thought I’d enjoy so much. Even with the tragedy Canadian legend Stompin Tom Conners’ wrote back in 1972 (“Nineteen Scarlett Roses”) being redone, Duo De Twang nods to a true roots reinvention style. Four Foot Shack is another fantastic release to add to the already long list of great accomplishments of both these fine gentlemen’s lives.

Whether you have a list of things to do before the world ends (A.K.A The Grammys inevitably being renamed “Taylor Swift and Friends”) or not, pick up a good hound dog from your local hound dog emporium, get dressed in your finest Cabela’s camo and head out to god’s country to get yourself Four Foot Shack.*

*Nanobot Rock Reviews does not encourage anyone to ever go out into the forest, backwoods, mountain country or mall at the holiday season unless they are a professional or have an experienced guide. On second thought, just go here and get the album.


Les Claypool Duo De Twang