There seems to be a growing trend over here on the west coast.San Franciscois reemerging as a quantified epicenter for musical diversity. I know this probably doesn’t come as a surprise seeing as the name of the city has in and of itself become synonymous with diversity. For better or worse they seem to be generating quite a bit of music as of late.


One of the largest benefits we, as fans of music, have is the ever challenging landscape of the industry. This opens the door for some brilliant minds to collaborate into a musical tour de force. Combining the talents of lead singer Gabriel Leis and drummer Mie Araki with the Magik Magik Orchestra creates the self-released breakout album If…. Easing out of northernCalifornia on a wave of layered musical complexity, Tidelands embraces their ability to set you adrift on a journey of noise and audible illusion.

The lyrical trend is rather subdued when held under the light of the moving instrumentals. Each song is elaborately constructed through an attention to detail that will leave you listening to it over again to make sure you truly experienced it. While the vocals tend to feel flat at times and the lyrics simply repeat until they fade behind the music, you find yourself just slipping into the craftsmanship of the composition. Lyrically there is not much to write home about until you reach “Letter to a Young Soldier I Love;” a song which is both strong in statement and as a whole. The message is pretty self explanatory and borders on the political side while leaving a lasting feeling of successful orchestration.

As a self-made creation from these brilliant minds, Tidelands has established a formidable base with If…which will definitely open them to many new avenues.

Whether your take on the music produced in the Bay Area is good or bad, there’s no arguing the passionate energy of bands such as Tidelands. Regardless of the stance you may take, If… is a vital contribution to a growing and exciting time to be listening to music.