Breakneck Betty Live At Herman's Hideaway

-Greg’s Take-

I don’t consider myself a music “snob” or some music “elitist”. I considered myself fortunate to listen to all the amazing music I do on a daily basis. When it comes to hard-rock/metal however, I have a built-in defense mechanism that throws up a wall that only a few select preferences can get through.

Now if we were to consider these preferences and throw into the mix a live recording of said genre, that window of opportunity can shut pretty damn quick.

But then came this underground band from Denver who claims themselves to be “Experimental” and in their first release decide to showcase their sound gracing the walls for the Mile-High legendary venue Herman’s Hideaway.

Well, let me tell you, Breakneck Betty’s presence came swinging in like some ill-disciplined, over-paid blonde daughter of someone who made a crap country song twenty-plus years ago and they destroy my little wall of protection.

Now don’t go thinking the knuckle-tattooed drummer, shredding guitar and explosive front-man are anything even remotely pop. Breakneck Betty graces their Live At Herman’s Hideaway with a kaleidoscope of Mike Patton-isms, heavy handed pulse-driving drums and blues-dipped licks make for one hell of a wild ride.

Taking the road-less-travelled approach, The Betty Boys aren’t your average screaming, thundering wannabe metal band out to earn a few bucks and harm their listener’s ears. Their approach to a blues based rolling rock sound is a dance that I guess you could call experimental, but I’ll just say it is one sweet-ass listen with all of the cool and none of the drag. From the shuttering “Rockabilly” to their take on a Steppenwolf classic, these lads accomplish nothing short of one of the best live recordings I’ve heard in quite a while.

Sadly, it appears the crowd was either sparse or not heard much on this recording. So if you’re in the Denver area, look these guys up, head out to one of their shows and get loud. If you’re looking for that first album of Spring to drive around to with the windows rolled down, grab this.