Levi Weaver Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me

The human mind and human heart connection is a fascinating thing. Sure, there is scientific reasoning behind why one needs the other (we do not in any way, shape, or form encourage anyone to attempt to discover why), but the emotional connection is just as strong. It is funny how a song can make you feel heartbreak or move you with its inspirational message. A lot, if not a majority, of music attempts to tap into this connection and most come across just money hungry and deflated. But for Levi Weaver, it is as if he opened his front door to let you in to let you see the inner workings of his very real relationship, his heart and his soul.

Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me is void of pretense. On the contrary, it is a sobering reality where anyone who has been in love knows exactly what he’s singing. With the occasional vocal quiver reminiscent of Cat Stevens combined with high level passion in lyric, the twelve songs create a thick dose of emotional reality carried with the heavy weight of intimate reflection.

The lifespan of Your Ghost transitions from infatuation, to doubt, to sorrow to moving on without ever forgetting what happened. In its entirety the theme of heartbreak (in all its phases) casts a shadow over the record. But from below what could very easily be just a dozen tracks that bring you down, thinking about all the love lost you yourself have had, there are beacons that keep the album afloat. The opening folk presence of “Borrowed Clothes,” balanced between aggressive vocals and a weaving acoustic dance, draws you right in. “Respiration (Sing Me Red)” delivers the first glimpse of just how talented a vocalist this Levi Weaver can be. “Citadel” will break your heart, but you’ll realize it is only because you know this song all too well. And last but not least, “We Married Strangers,” in its Reed-like delivery, is a ballad that offers up a different, welcomed side of Weaver.

If you were to stack the albums and songs that have attempted to tap into your emotions, the ones that really tried to sing what you were feeling, the height of the tower would be terrifying. But if you could reach in and pull out one album to summarize it all, that album would be Your Ghost Keeps Finding Me. The rest of the albums and songs that have tried and failed to achieve what Levi Weaver has achieved here would fall like a massive Jenga tower around you and you wouldn’t even notice. Be brave, prepare to face your heartache, and get this album.

GregGreg is a regular contributor and co-founder at Nanobot. He finds it refreshing to be reminded of the hurt from time-to-time, it enables him to enjoy the beauty of life that much more.