Wild Bears Attack Elephants – Four More Songs

It is not every day that putting on an EP turns your head so quickly you almost get whiplash, but that is exactly what we got from Wild Bears Attack Elephants.  From the jump, the driving beats “Otherwise” got our attention enough that it had us asking “four more songs? Now I need to find those four original songs.”  It would be easy to chalk this Michigan trio as simple alt-rock, but there are some interesting things going on, like the ability of the same fuzzy riff in the opener to convey two different emotions over the span of two minutes.  The four tracks are an ebb and flow of tempo and emotion, going from the aggressive opener to slower watery pace in “Keeai” and “For You” before closing on a furious punk-metal anthem in “We Are Running Around.”  Though we do not condone carnivora on pachydermata violence, we are hoping for a full-length release from WBAE in the future, because this is productivity music.

Sunday Guts – COOL MUSIC

Sunday Guts piqued our interest with what they call “tight, concise, economy-sized songs.”  The guitar-based pop recalls quirkiness we grew up with the likes of They Might Be Giants, King Missile, Weird Al, and Liam Lynch.  The whaling vessel-sized hooks grab hold and let go before they dig in too much.  For a summer that needs a little bounce in its step, this solo project from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is more than happy to make it happen.


Evan Egerer and the Tribe – EP

The Tri-Cities in Washington State are easy to miss for those traveling through. Built around a nuclear reactor decades ago, they are now a growing community that, in the eyes of some, are nothing too spectacular. But for one band calling this place just north of the Columbia River home the future is bright. Evan Egerer and the Tribe are lighting up Southeastern Washington with retro sounds tied to young ambition dragged through blues, rock and heavy downstrokes. Though not melting down reactors with world-changing sounds, one needs to remember that this is the beginning and it could be the beginning of something great.

Ian James Music – Beyond Reach

The explosive return of Lowell, Massachusetts’ Ian James comes in the form of five tracks littered with mind-bending composition. Were you expecting anything else? We hope not. Consistently moving closer and closer to the edge of musical sanity, but never crossing it, this is an EP you should let yourself be drawn in to the progressive-psyche-rock; especially since it is Friday.