The Ravenna Colt - Terminal Current

Ah Boise, Idaho. Perhaps I’m a little biased because well, it is an awesome place. Home of Treefort Music Festival, Smurf Turf, a creepy old penitentiary, awesome bands like Stone Seed, Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, Built to Spill, and Johnny Quaid…wait the former My Morning Jacket guitarist?

Turns out the Treasure Valley is full of more gems than most know. Following the 2010 release Slight Spell and relocating to Idaho, the latest release from The Ravenna Colt on Removador/Karate Body, Terminal Current, obviously took some time but shows no signs of being stale or forced production.

Clearly, with ten people contributing to the record and recording in both Boise, ID as well as Louisville, KY the meticulous process of Terminal Current paid off. Hints of MMJ drift above the rolling folk styling of Quaid and crew, but The Ravenna Colt is a character all its own.

With the consistency of a beautiful, reflective river, this record carries at an easy pace without letting anything get in its way. Subtle for the most part, the strumming folk semblance is complimented by peaking dynamic before settling back into storytelling foundation that will urge you to reach deep inside yourself and find your own meaning. Each song feels like an extension of the last yet weaves a different tale. Tracks like “Like Pioneers,” “Absolute Contingency,” “National Dander,” and “Impossible Light” showcase the Colt’s ability to harness grade-A lyrical prowess with emotionally orchestrating instrumental work. Grounded by acoustic guitar, shimmering on slide, carved by textured snare, and soaring on ambiance, this is one record that crafts an atmosphere that is an escape in itself.

Like skipping a rock, leaving temporary rings but permanent memories, bouncing over a secluded lake deep in the mountains, far from the chaos of today, Terminal Current is a folk release that is refreshing as it is successful. Most importantly it is a departure from My Morning Jacket references and an arrival to a solid sound of quality musicians.

GregGreg is a regular contributor and co-founder at Nanobot. He enjoys long walks in the outdoors and calls the Boise area home.