Intellect, fused with experimental folk sensibility, finely wrapped in a vintage lo-fi stock paper, bound together by intricately handwoven twine, Thunderegg is a gift that was well thought out by someone who knows you well.

Although the back catalog is vast, not being one to simply release music just to stay relevant, singer/songwriter Will Georgantas assembles a massive amount of thought when it comes to Thunderegg sounds and it pours out of every song.

Now, in a masterful stroke, combining talents of Georgantas, Alex Jimenez, Reese Douglas, and James Sundquist, Thunderegg is releasing the latest single in the form of a 7”. A: “Ten Sleeves” and AA: “Big Cigarette” breathes in the realm of shoegaze, but doesn’t linger in self-pity. Instead there is a hard truth and self-awareness with each aligned with broad strokes of genuine musicianship.

With “Ten Sleeves,” while Georgantas lyrically dreams “all my convictions and notions so hopelessly hopeful. And I can see that I deceive no one”, Thunderegg drifts and sways on sincerity with a sound that clearly defines by the modern San Francisco sound.

“Big Cigarette” takes a slightly more country approach, but maintains an underlying brilliance all its own. The lyrically shining comparison of evil corporate empire to relationship lows says what we all feel. But when played out in this light, it can be easily misidentified.

Is it too straight forward to simply say “We love it?” Well, we do.

Recorded entirely in analog at the masterful Tiny Telephone in San Francisco, this is a Double-A release that we can’t put down and one that we are proud to add to our collection.

Grab it now on Thunderegg’s Bandcamp, enter the code “nanobot” for 25% off!