We (as people) tend to shelter ourselves to a particular genre or even to a few bands when it comes to musical taste. On occasion we’ll venture beyond our little wall of safety to a new style and are amazed to find there is more out there. Very rarely do we ever venture to another language.

For a decade, Big Bang has been working hard to develop a sound unique to them. Their debut album Sin renuncia a la esperanza is much more than a warm “Hi, we’re Big Bang.” Deceivingly gentle with the intro, the graceful ambiance is quickly picked apart by a noodly space guitar tapping that thrusts “Oír y callar” into the rock session you’re about to experience. Hard rock bands almost always polarize to the hard thrash, tapping chaos, or thrash. This group of four from just outside Barcelona, Spain meticulously balance their talents to craft a must hear rock album. The body rocking second track “Fiel” dishes up a blues infused rock beat overlaid with gunning drums while incorporating the varying vocals, peaking at “Oh Baby!” Mixing up their pace this album offers plenty of variance within their unique sound. A funky bass riff laid out by Rafa Caamaño to open “Hay sueños” prompts you to slow things down just before launching you back into the rock with distorted guitar. My pick for hook of the album goes to “La espiral,” a four minute eleven second jam where lead singer Manuel Rubiales’ vocals shine. It’s a track that sounds like four different solos mixed together to create a truly rocking song.

Each member of Big Bang brings it all to the table in their debut album. Francisco Rubiales’ uses his guitar as, not just simply an instrument, but extension of himself which, in turn delivers a fluid dance along the fret board song after song. His playing is reminiscent of Steve Vai.  Siscu Carrasco’s drums deliver a heavy dose of marching beats and several quality rides on the crash. Every track laid down with purpose and determination is more than enough to draw you into the Spaniard’s rock. Add to the mix Andy Vandette, who has worked with Rush, Deep Purple, and Porcupine Tree to name a few, mastered the tracks and helped bring the pure rock to the forefront.

Despite a language barrier, Big Bang’s Sin renuncia a la esperanza exemplifies why music speaks it’s own language. Break down your barriers and grab this album, this is the beginning of something great.