Twenty three years ago The People’s Republic of China got internet for the first time, The Lion King was released, Microsoft gave the finger to MS-DOS, and the ground work for Murderburgers was laid. Oh, and a bunch of other stuff happened…allegedly. Were you there?

Canadian seminal garage rock pioneer King Khan has been releasing music for the better part of nearly two and a half decades. However, opting for his first solo only now, the King has crafted what can only be described as the closest thing to perfect we may experience in a time of oversaturated, mind-numbing musical dribble on the radio.

Now don’t go breaking down each chord progression, pitch, or breakdown in a Hawking-esc dissertation. The perfection achieved with this record is in its essence. Sonically acute, poignantly aware, Muderburgers is the hero we all need and I’d be willing to bet it’s not hard find a photo of King Khan in a cape.

With one foot in Sid Berrett-meets-Flying Burrito Brothers-and the formative Punk years and the other firmly anchored in the Doo-Wop and garage rock foundations the tender caresses of “Discreate Disguise” and “It’s Just Begun” elevate the record before transitioning to the attitude-riddled swagger of Khan. The range of vocals, one part drunken ballad and one part melodic psych, meshes with a dark 70s image that slips and slides between light and shadow. In the sneering electricity emanating from Murderburgers we get bathed in the aura of performance punk laden with surf rock tendencies. Whether burying glam in keys with “It’s A Lie,” handing down a leaning roll in “Desert Mile,” or even (slightly) reimagining Idle No More opener “Born To Die” the collection of creativity here is nothing short of just a damn good record.

For a man who has multiple musical incarnations, possibly Kaufman like, King Khan seems to have always tested the bounds of sonic art. Never ceasing to amaze, Murderburgers does not fall short. Capturing an overall blend of stylings, hooking your inner psyche while drifting in and out of sheer glory, King Khan has amassed a record that is as damn near perfect as you’ll find.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock.