The cynicism and frustrations of today paint a rather bleak picture and leave us with uncertainty for the future. This isn’t a national thing, this is a global thing. We’re becoming consumed with harsh partisan positions in politics, life, and even entertainment.

But what if we had some insight to the way things can be? What if Marty McFly sent a message back, after going forward, but yet from the future past…you get what I mean.

What if that insight or optimism came in the form of retro funk blends with beats so invigorating we all began to smile? What if we had an Echo of the Future?

Brazil’s Tropical New Wave sound sensation Da Cruz is back to do just that.

In Eco Do Futuro, Marian Da Cruz, Ane Hebeisen, Oliver Husmann, and Pit Lee lay claim to fourteen tracks of sensational grooves and all-encompassing vibes too infectious to ignore. Spanning chill urban vibes, rhythmic electronic dances, and synth-laiden fusion, Da Cruz has reshaped everything I thought I knew about Brazilian music with their latest.

Da Cruz drops heavy rhythms and beats like a much anticipated aid package to a dance-starved world. Lighting up the landscape with tunes like “Fama de Bacana” and “Minha Luanda” what had us all turning our heads in 2014 now has us dancing, almost uncontrollably. The interlacing of Brazilian influenced beats and electronic engineering has Eco Do Futuro delivering just enough attitude and flair without becoming overbearing or intimidating. It is fun without being just another throwaway album we’ve experienced with other artist all too often.  “Nossa Maneira” (Our Way) drives this sentiment home. Da Cruz does it their way. The Da Cruz way is the right way.

In an otherwise seemingly dark time Da Cruz brings vibrant light via contagions grooves and electrifying sounds that emanate without barriers.  With Eco Do Futuro Da Cruz makes the future feel alright. Fourteen tracks shed cynicism and frustration and illuminate the human potential.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock. While he can’t dance, Da Cruz sure makes him feel like he can.