At a high rate of speed the air flows through the glorious locks of Crockett and Tubbs. Neon lights flashing by in a blur. Seemingly chaotic scenes are soothed by authentic synth and sax pop that lay out in heavenly tones amongst warm nights and dreamscapes.

There’s just one problem.

While pursuing criminals in vibrant suits and lush locks, the 80s iconic duo failed to add The Lagoon’s Escape EP to their mixtape.

The experiment-layered retro-undertone-future pop concoctions of Joey and Ryan Selan seethe with all the glory of warm Miami nights while encompassing a groove and vibe that is pure chilled bliss.

Escape’s six-track follow up to The Lagoon’s 2017 EP Gems, develops on an energy that plays to the clean, echoing guitar licks swimming in crisp beats and lingering, drawn sax melody that made the 80s so great. But The Lagoons have established a sound that is as equally retro as it is refreshing. The electronic city in which this EP lives nods to yesteryear all while being a sure-fire go-to for the summer chill of 2018. Just to name a few, “Close My Eyes (And I Wonder)” dreams in funky bass lines and a piano/guitar dance that gets your hips moving. “Wonderful” combines banjo, synth, guitar, and airy vocal reflection, drawing on a common calling with lyrics like “We’re all indifferent/but our differences still show.” At times the EP moves in bouncy rhythms that elevate to get the grooves going, but the brothers Selan reel back any exposed ends to allow Escape to exist in the realm of chill-pop.

In memory, life seems simpler. Life seemed more exciting. To capture that feeling and be present is an achievement. To capture that and be more than a faint tingle of excitement is something to admire. The Lagoons capture the feelings of the past, while paying homage to the beauty of the retro sounds, and infuse them with a modern vibe that has made me a fan. As the 38 foot Scarab skips across the water with electric shop fronts blurring in the background, The Lagoons have gloriously executed their Escape.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock