In a world of dreary vocals and simplified assemblies it is difficult to reach into the void and harness a sound against the flow. But there is reward in attempt and an even greater reward in a well-executed vision.

That reward is named Geographer.

The sonically rich presence of Mike Deni executes an inner reflection of conflict balanced with a, generally, upbeat compilation in Alone Time.

The retro digital renderings woven amongst modern electronic span seven tracks nestled comfortably in three-to-four minutes each. What strikes a chord with this latest EP is just how the overarching harmonies quickly become a thing of beauty. The precision production is not overly done, but put together in such a way that pushes back against the churn-and-burn releases all too common with the genre.

Avoiding the stereotypical love song card track after track and repetitious beats in-and-out, Alone Time finds a harmonious existence among vast openness, in the space between the sounds of your consciousness. Layered in beauty it is not just an example of quality writing, but a testament to how good electronic sound can spread its wings and thrive.

For the last eleven years Deni has explored the parameters of Geographer and continues to enthrall us with not just striking live performances, but records that are just as attention grabbing.

When the world of music appears to be calming down, on the edge sits Mike Deni. Back to the crowd, staring longingly for the stars, is Geographer. As you consider moving away from the crowd, approaching him, and asking what he’s thinking about, turn your attention to Alone Time.

Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock.