Ever feel like we’re living an endless cycle of rehashing the past? How many times can we reboot superhero movies before we say we want something with meaning?

As Alabama-rooted Model Citizen prove, meaning has arrived; and just when we need it most.

Like a luxuriously spaced life raft on a ship sinking in the deluge of mundane modern mainstream music, the final chapter in Model Citizen’s existence steps back into the light via reissue to grace us with the hero we didn’t know we needed right now.

Model Citizen’s, in retrospect, short-lived existence in the early part of the century forged three records, 2001’s Born Tired, 2003’s The Inner Fool, and 2006’s Save It For The Campfire, before being swallowed by life and other projects. But before the mod-punk sound bowed into the shadows, without fanfare, without a big to-do, hell, without much of any support in the US, Model Citizen laid out ten tracks in their final record that would be, perhaps, most relevant twelve years later.

Embodying the essence of punk, explosive rhythms inlaid with grinding chords and an overshadowing “f**all”, with the appropriate tenacity of mod, Campfire is strained through the South and re-served hot while the world around us grows cold. What separates Model Citizen from the typical punk or mod sounds that have peaked their heads in the last 15 years, is that Save It For The Campfire exhibits a sense of the south within their bite; and the teeth marks are battle scars of pride.

There are two types of people. One who supported Save It For the Campfire and those who have no clue what the album is all about. The former are lying. Where were they when this should have launched Matt Patton and Mike Gault into the stratosphere?

Re-releasing Save It For The Campfire answers the rock call in a vein of mod-punk in the heart of the South. All 36 people who supported this record in 2006 were not apparently loud enough. Now, get loud, get excited, and get your hands on Model Citizen’s (hopefully not) final record. Tell a friend. We’re not saving this one any longer, screw that campfire.