As bands grow, release new music, and establish a sound for themselves, they tend to evolve, perhaps devolve – depending on who you ask.

When you’re carrying the tenacity of the Boise PsychoBilly Goats, the only thing devolving are the haters.

Armed with to the horns with a sound definitively Boise Stomp, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats continue to blaze their Progressive PsychoBilly Folk Grass across their latest release, Cletus.

The nine-track, independently released Goat sound brings a wave of sonically present sound to Warren and crew only previously experienced live. Those who have been blessed with witnessing this group, and yes religiously enlightening presence is the only way to truly convey what it means to see these guys on stage before your very eyes, will be very pleased to bask in the depth and breadth so many have come to appreciate, echoing in the ever deep and present existence that is Cletus.

Crafting a large space to move around, Cletus holds back the over compression that is all too common with a release of this quality. Instead within the Americana rooted expanse of their fifth studio album, each instrument takes shape, exists within its own persona and lingers on an echoing, sometimes dark, presence to compliment the vocal delivery uniquely Warren. Cletus doesn’t look to restrain these ridiculously talented and captivating musicians, it simply establishes a platform for which the latest nine songs thrive. Finding strength in virtually each track, Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats dance amongst the moonlight, plucking the banjo, propelling the acoustic guitar into a PsychoBilly baptism, and sliding on the bass while shaping a stage complimented by organ, piano, and haunting presence when the moment strikes. This is single-handedly the most complete release from Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats to date.  The rare achievement of harnessing the power of the band has come to fruition.

Whether you’ve been listening to Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats since the days of You Just Relax Honey or you’re looking to experience just what Progressive PsychoBilly Folk Grass sounds like, Cletus goes beyond just some other compilation of new tracks and delivers a shot of Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats that is sure to please. The growth and evolution of sound for this Boise, Idaho band is quite apparent. There should be little opposition that the horns are sharp and the sound couldn’t be sweeter.


Greg is a co-founder and regular contributor to Nanobot Rock.