As fans of music it is hard not to take our favorite musicians for granted, often scolding them when they skip our town or city on tour. We don’t always put ourselves in their shoes, to see things from their perspective.

Through the trying and exhausting schedule of being on the road for so long, now-Boise, Idaho based Dustin Morris reflects on love in his aptly titled new single.

Sharing instrumentals with wonderfully talented Steve Fulton (bass and keys), Morris crafts a reflective ballad that swims against the typical love songs these days. As though sitting in a room by yourself penning a poem to the one you miss, “Love” glows with warmth in an emptiness. Simplicity, like that of longing for the one you want to be with, builds into a climatic hopefulness that is as endearing as it is quietly splendid.

Here is “Love”: