A sweet little throwback ditty circa 60s/early 70s R&B and soul quickly transforms into a bluesy planed grit as The Weary Times’ “Peace of Mind” steps into the sun.

The boys from Boise, poised to release their debut self-titled album, drop this single just weeks before the highly anticipated full length reaches the masses. Citing his Midwest roots and influence, front man Ryan Curtis adds “there was just an insane amount of amazing music coming out of the Rust Belt in the 1950s and 60s.  ‘Peace of Mind’ and few others on the album are salute to the music of that era.”

The tempting track is a hungry breach into what’s to come without hesitation. The hip shaking, foot stomping “Peace of Mind” is teaser trailer that will leave you feeling a little cooler for hearing it and immediately prompt desires for more.

Blues swagger beckoning from a vintage steely landscape where the rock can get a little murky, the Boise, Idaho-based band that has left a wake of fandom with everyone they encounter emanates in broad strokes and tight licks that are sure to please even the most staunch blues rock connoisseur as they deliver their “Peace of Mind”.

“Peace of Mind” The Weary Times