There is a sense of finality that most would associate with the concept of one’s Last Day. For California-based Kasey Yale “Last Day” is only a proclamation of a new beginning.

Stirring an electronic framework with a heavy dose of synthetic ambiance, Yale blends generations of hip-hop influence with a heaping sense of pop into a synthesized anthem for change. “Last Day” “is about living life to the fullest and being thankful no matter what life looks like” according to Yale and, if not for the message, and perhaps the ridiculously catchy sensibility of his latest single, this would end up to the side for most.

From the thumping bass into to the chanting outro, “Last Day” does what most tracks can’t, it becomes a guilty pleasure instantly. It’s ok to dig this track, there’s a justifiably strong message you can use as an excuse if your friends don’t think it’s cool enough. Plus, they’ll agree with you momentarily.

Where clean lines bounce off city lights and draw on images of warm nights and memories, coming off the success of his single “Gold”, “Last Day”, produced by David Sinclair-Black, was as Kasey Yale puts it “written to reflect the feeling of being on top, mixed with the very real possibility of losing it all with a smile on your face.” The latest from Kasey Yale is a call to join him in the attitude of overcoming the current climate, learning from experiences on our individual paths, but not being defined by them.

Without finality, but with a deep breath, reflection, and determined attitude, here is Kasey Yale’s “Last Day”