The world offers more genres and sub-genres of music than you could ever possibly fathom. So much so, the lines have become blurred to the point of having an indie-electronic-hip hop-swing band isn’t that far-fetched at all. I prefer to stay on the surface of genres, but like most, I still have curiosities about line-crossing styles. For instance, I have long wondered what experimental rock mixed with Doo Wop would sound like.

Thankfully, this burning question is answered by the new experimental Doo Wop flagship that is Mister Heavenly. The tour tested group of Nick Thorburn (from The Unicorns), Ryan Kattner (of Man Man), and drummer Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse) has come together to share their love of music and dogs to create the masterful Out of Love.

Fresh off last year’s tour, featuring the bassist of Sex Bob-omb for a few shows, the trio has settled into the studio to release their first full length album. After rigorous debate, I can assure you that this is not a CKY album produced by Warren Zevon.

The simplistic guitar riffs and 4/4 beat that made up the backbone of the 50s style is brought into the modern arena with less beehive hair and more energy. Opening to “Bronx Sniper,” the dark and heavy mood leads you to believe this will be the reemergence of a happy 50s sound, only battered and bruised. The slow build up that leads you into the heavy rock style certainly had me questioning what the next eleven tracks would feel like. But just as the brute at the door to the disco stands up front, what’s inside is much more in tune with the soulful, upbeat sound we’re looking for. “Charlyne” bleeds with influence from the heartthrob era in a way that will make you want to wear your poodle skirt and scream your heart out.

Each of these gents brings to the table a unique sound that has earned them the right to make almost anything they’d like. The result has proven to be thoroughly entertaining and refreshing in the face of oversaturated genre skipping.

Coining the “Doom Wop” moniker, Mister Heavenly’s Out of Love mans the reel to successfully drag a sound forward through enough dead genre weight to make raising the Titanic seem an easy task.

Mister Heavenly – Pineapple Girl by subpop

Mister Heavenly – Bronx Sniper by subpop