To quote the brilliant delivery of Rod Serling: “You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination.” That signpost up ahead, your next stop: Allegories!

Childhood friends Adam Bentley and Jordan Mitchell, under the moniker Allegories, have taken their sweet time to release their second record. In all fairness, the Hamilton, Ontario, like many of us, have been consumed by various aspects in life. Now, having found their rhythm (pun intended), the duo is poised to release Endless (Hidden Pony Records), a nine-track journey beyond sound and deeply of mind.

From the electro-haze in which opener “Constant” emerges we’re met with the lands traversed by Allegories in their follow up to their 2008 Surreal Auteur. 14 years from their last official release and the result of 35 song ideas, Endless feels more of visitor on a cyclical journey through our space than a prominent fixture, anchored to the surface. The record is a crisp, articulated ship built on electronic arcs that span influence and nuance from a rich history, executed in a refreshingly straight-froward astral projection of angst, dream, and slightly cynical introspection.

On one hand I found myself wishing the tracks would bleed together in a singular journey across the record. On the other, I was telling myself to shut up at the end and appreciate the cinematic imagery.  If you can imagine an electro-pop-synth influenced surrealist painting where you’re on a boat, alone with your consciousness, floating through a vibrant space speckled with vivid strokes of color and spots of distant stars that reflect one’s imagination, played to a sound somewhere in the vein of deep-cut Pet Shop Boys experimentations to New Order and even hints at early Placebo, you begin to find the existence of Allegories. To their merit, and quite to the success of Endless, Allegories takes tangible chances with their sound.

Endless weighs heavy as it plays among vast empty spaces to loosely craft a framework in which it can exists while simultaneously showcasing an array of talents from the duo. Carve out some “you time” and allow Allegories to lay the soundtrack when it is released April 29, 2022.