The universe works in mysterious ways. From instant karma to poetic justice. Or in today’s current political and cultural climate, The French Tips releasing their sophomore album.

Boise, Idaho-based garage punk rock trio The French Tips initially aimed to focus their “femme fueled rage” via a few covers and a fun adventure into their sound. The subsequent result was the blistering 2019 debut It’s the Tips. Now, three years since their massively addictive debut, Ivy Merrell (vocals, bass, guitar), Rachel Couch (vocals, guitar, bass) & Angela Heileson (vocals, drums) are releasing All the Rage.

All the successful components of the 2019 debut are still front and center for The French Tips, but don’t go looking for a repeat. All the Rage incorporates a blend of the familiar fuzzed guitar waves with undertones of dance beats and captures a trifecta of musical talents from the trio, in harmony, instrument, and energy. Admittedly influenced by punk, rock, post-punk, disco, dance, pop, funk, surf, and doo wop, the eleven-song record pours those building blocks into a vat and lets it distill in the grains of likes of The Runaways and Kim Gordons of the world. The ensuing sound bares its teeth, takes a bite, and spits it out before tearing off its sleeves, kicking up the amp, and driving home a sound that shatters expectations and eviscerates any critical thoughts. Simply put, All the Rage melts the world away and demands your undivided attention, which you’ll give without hesitation and be all the better for the experience. Each track carries a powerful, lasting memory that will have you coming back again and again for all sorts of situations. Enraged? Energized? Excited? Tired of the constant stream of weaponized political bickering? Need some pump-up music? The French Tips have you covered.

Merrell, Couch, and Heileson show no signs of compromising with All the Rage. The new record is a tightly packed, blood-pumping sound that is intended to simultaneously motivate, piss off, and remain unapologetic. At the core, it is eleven tracks of an elevated sense of what made It’s the Tips such a remarkable album. In a time where it seems it is becoming tougher to be a woman, the women are clearly becoming tougher and they’re bringing with them All the Rage.