Floats come in various forms. From the promises made by a gutter clown, to a parade, to those with root beer, to leisurely afternoons on a river, a float has many associations.

For the Cleveland indie quartet Biitchseat, Float embodies their latest release in title and ambiance.

The sophomore album, admittedly deals with concepts of anxiety, empathy, and insecurity yet executes the vision with confidence and precision. 90’s alt rock and pop influences shine in bursts of energy throughout the album, but fail to feel like we’re falling backwards. Across ten tracks Float exhibits it simultaneously wants it to flourish in itself while attempting to keep it restrained to the confines of the three/four-minutes each song is allowed to exist within. There are moments where a wall of energy is barely tethered by melodic anchors (“I’ll Still Be Thinking of You”) and others where were effortlessly spun on swells of vocal impassioned pleas laid against reminiscent harmony (“Tipesh”). Throughout the record the quartet (Talor, Kris, Connor, and Evan) embody a sound that is Alt-DIY rock stepping in and out of acoustic and amped at all the right moments. Airy vocal registers tend to meet a dynamic approach to the Biitchseat sound that certainly shatters preconceived notions or hints of where you think the track is headed; when you think it will build, it refrains; when you think it will coast along, it explodes. Biitchseat’s Float lifts you off your feet and taps into a beautiful array of confrontation, wrought with emotion that keeps us on edge.

Float is best experienced with a healthy dose of honesty. Bring your own anxieties, empathies, and insecurities and you’ll find a sensibility within that is both cathartic and staunchly honest in lyric, tone, and execution. More importantly, Biitchseat makes perfect sense in their sophomore release. Grab the latest from Biitchseat May 27, 2022 on Refresh Records and we’ll all Float down here.