William Penn, in Some Fruits of Solitude, reflected “consider how many millions of people come into, and go out of, the world, ignorant of themselves and of the world they have lived in.” It is the true artist’s duty to seek an understanding of themselves and the world around them. In doing so, they convey their findings upon the viewer, or in this case, the listener.

Experimental poet and folk artist Lonnie Holley continues his journey of expressive revelation with the forthcoming Oh Me Oh My.

Over a decade since the release of the acclaimed Just Before Music, five years since his Jagjaguwar debut and deeply-captivating MITH, Lonnie Holley’s Oh Me Oh My steps into a world expanding his musical ventures unlike any previous release. The eleven-track album fuses senses of afrofuturism, longform soul, jazz, and electronic vibes that embrace and guide us through the vision of Holley and fellow contributors.

Oh Me Oh My blends music of the heart with music of the mind to ensnare us within our own experiences and preconceptions while equally feeling like we’re experiencing a spoken-word narrative of a life far removed from the common tide. With the aid of a haunting Michael Stipe (“Oh Me, Oh My”), dreamy Justin Vernon of Bon Iver (“Kindness Will Follow Your Tears”), or the almost religious experience pairing with Sharon Van Etten (“None of Us Have But a Little While”), Oh Me Oh My flourishes with rich narratives. That would seem sufficient for most, but it is the stunning contributions from Malian singer Rokia Koné (“If We Get Lost They Will Find Us”) and vividly commanding poet Moor Mother (“I Am Part of the Wonder” & “Earth Will Be There”) that reach into your soul and social consciousness all at once. Lonnie Holley’s Oh Me Oh My echoes intimately in the empty spaces of its breakdowns, lending a gravity to the poetry that is purely captivating and intimately moving.  

There is a saying, “go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you see further.” Lonnie Holley’s already noteworthy artistic career flourishes in the latest release and his eyes and ears appear more open than ever. Oh Me Oh My will be release March 10, 2023 on Jagjaguwar.