We’ve all been there. New relationship, everything seems great. We may or may not realize the “honeymoon” stage of the relationship and if we do, frankly, we usually don’t care.

Tapping into the senses, most all of them, of the honeymoon stage in a relationship, McKenna Esteb has released the single “All Time Record” from her forthcoming debut full-length record. Continuing to develop her sound, but thus far failing to show anything but noteworthy tunes, Esteb’s latest captures an energy rooted in her influences, yet forward looking to her maturing style. Smokey subdued timbre marching on a strutting cadence shapes “All Time Record” into a track that is as seductively on point as it is catchy. Carrying bluesy undertones, the song is rooted in a slightly distorted digital presence that bends the sound around the context. Lyrically contrasting and suggestive, the track embodies the push and pull of early relationships and paces itself for, well…the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship.

While checking out McKenna Esteb’s “All Time Record” and anticipating her debut album, consider getting in on the last few days of her crowdfunding campaign to help bring it all to fruition.