Have you ever woke up from a dream and said to yourself “What the hell was that?!” only to find you next comment being “That was awesome!” Then coming to the realization you are awake and you have lost that moment?

I just woke up from the Gorilla Manor dream. This dream, however, has the ability for replay.

Possibly having taken Gary Wright’s song “Dreamweaver” seriously, Local Native’s 2009 studio throw down paints some very vivid images. Some have labeled them as Psychedelic Folk. No, this does not mean we’re listening to James Taylor on acid. But just when you feel you’ve pinpointed the style or influences the next song changes your mind. Although it is lost in most songs because of their complexity, on a few tracks, there are several people singing at once.

Where most bands would be tearing at each other’s eyes, these five guys find strength. Each member is fully involved in the song process. This leads to some very abstract sounds finely molded into one cohesive melody. 11 of the 12 songs laid down here, from “Wide Eyes” to “Sticky Thread”, the rhythm that marches forward with a great existence. Clay may be asking himself “but Greg? What about that elusive 12th track?” I would then point out the fact that “Warning Sign” is a cover of the Talking Heads, enough said. “Airplanes”, the second track, has begun to make appearances in mainstream media. I highly recommend listening to this album. Especially if you like excited vocals, African influenced beats, and a whole lot of abstract style that nicely meshes as one. So nicely you’ll want to put it in your pocket and take it with you. Point in fact “Sun Hands”.

There is a great harmony between the vocals and the instruments. Each only benefits the other to create fluidity. By the time I woke up from Gorilla Manor I did not realize 52 minutes had passed. Then as soon as I was ready to put the album down, I found myself singing and whistling the songs. It’s a good thing we don’t listen to tapes anymore, because this one would get worn out, perhaps sooner than most.  I’d like to give these guys an honorary Masters in dream weaving from the University of Infectious.

The good people over at NPR Music had Local Natives in for a tiny desk concert. I invite you to check it out. It shows just how fully encompassing the band is with their songs.