Let’s face it, Country music has lost sight of what it is and what it wants to be. Like Taylor Swift in a picture-in-picture play-by-play with a live NFL game, it has most the original fans scratching their heads and wondering how we let it get so far gone.

Toronto, Ontario’s Rachel Brunet is the antithesis to the glitz and glam of modern “country” music in her single “Morning Noon and Night.”

Embodying a sense of modern roots indie country, Brunet’s “Morning Noon and Night” carries a confident swagger with earworm lyrics paired ever sweetly with a perfectly placed guitar solo the way solos need to be. The track keeps it simple and that’s where it shines. It is equally balanced with all the makings of a love song and heavy doses of empowerment. If you are/have been “Sick and tired of livin life half way/And makin excuses why [you] had to stay” soak up “Morning Noon and Night” from Rachel Brunet.