Ever have one of those days where the world around you feels artificial and you need to lean back into a fuzzed out, distorted jam to escape?

Boston’s Canyons and Locusts, Justin Keane (vox/guitar) and Amy Young (drums), captures the sentiment with the release-filled track in “Buck Dharma’s Eyes.”

Packed with ample doses of throwback punk energy and a sneering-forward delivery, “Buck Dharma’s Eyes” is everything you’d hope alluding to the BOC frontman, and everything you need to push through the artificial. It is an escape from the clean-cut, over-produced nonsense and exists confidently in its attitude. Laced with an energetic fervor, the two-minute single leaves me wanting so much more. But tis the season to be thankful for what we have.

Check out Canyons and Locusts’ “Buck Dharma’s Eyes,” out now.