When one looks out their window today, no matter the weather, darkness is present. The loud are the few that are in the spotlight. But these few do not represent the spirit. This spirit is not confined to one nation, one race, or one religion. No, the spirit is humanity.

The legacy of humanity is decorated in many scars of decisions made quickly and in retrospect, most all of them did not reflect the greater ideals. And we’re seeing this today. Lineage of misconstrued notions combine with the perpetuation of strife are resulting in atrocious actions on nearly all fronts. Or it would seem that way. Again, the loudest appear to be the few.

While the battle scars of humanity constantly remind us of the, often regrettable, battles we have waged against fellow humanity, the constant, the one singular thread, that is pumping through the veins is an unwillingness to give up; a refusal to go quietly into the night. And if you look back in recorded history this unrelenting spirit is, more times than not, represented in music.

Music is, has, and always will, tell our story. Music is a celebration of life, regardless of the message. While I understand some, perhaps many, will argue this point, I encourage you to think back to when you lost someone, a love, a family member, a friend, I urge you to reflect on the last celebration you had, remember the last time you felt alone and misunderstood, what was there with you, what spoke to you?


The collection of notes, lyrics, and sonic rhythms breathes with the very existence of humanity. It aches when we all ache and it smiles when we celebrate, most importantly, it tells our story.

Within the soundtrack of our history lies our past, our present, and nods to our future. While the few loud voices may be marring our sight on today, know that we have been here (apparently some people haven’t learned) and we will overcome this. Those who do not understand the repercussions of their actions are cursed to fall on their bed of spikes. Instead of judging someone, ask them what the last song they listened to was. If you know it, talk about it. If you don’t know, ask about it. Instead of teaching our children to hate, teach them about what makes this world great, put a record on for them. If you don’t have children, grab a friend. Then let them choose and you listen with them. Whatever you do, know that, while we all come from different places in this world, we’re in it together. And although it may mean different things to each of us, we are all hearing the music. Together.

I, and Nanobot, stand with those who have hope, those who have understanding, and those who realize that we all have our own demons in life, but we choose to handle them as humans, not as demons ourselves.

Share a song with someone. Here is my song for you


This was written by Greg.