Animal Eyes - Where We GoIt is a little known fact Bronco (aka Brutus), the exploratory, loveable fictional protagonist portrayed by Sam Rockwell in the film Gentlemen Broncos is based on a real life man who migrates freely between Homer, Alaska and Portland, Oregon on a regular basis. Bronco, the aforementioned individual incarnation of wanderlust, is also the inspiration for Where We Go by the hardworking, also loveable, Animal Eyes.

While what I’ve just said is not entirely, perhaps even in-part, true, the sentiment of character and album pair nicely together.

As if standing in the sand of a cosmic beach gazing into the infinite expanse of a colorful array of lights and colors Where We Go illuminates the imagination with drifting ambiance and striking punctuations. Following up their five-track Ursus, Animal Eyes have now ventured into the realm of full (eleven-track-full) spaciousness with their latest. Bridging the infectious, never-say-die personalities Tyler, Sam, Figley, Haven, and Colin embody, with a ridiculously inventive sound, tracks like “Feeding Snakes,” “Zeke-Wizard,” “Mushroom Hunter,” and “Alligator Sex” contribute to an impressively drawing record.

To describe the sound of Animal Eyes to someone unfamiliar would first prompt the question: “Have not been in the Pacific/Inland Northwest long?” followed by the equivalent of describing the color red. While they draw on a classical construct, it is the infusion of nearly-unparalleled lyrical constructs floating on a wind of dynamic sound and an effervescent explosion of tightly-melded psychedelic/almost experimental rock that dictates the course, and, ultimately the instant connection felt with their sound.

Unabashedly strutting along with shared vocal duties, accordion, keys, drums, guitar, and bass, the unsigned jewel of the Pacific Northwest that is Animal Eyes have come closest to building a vibrant, invigorating trip you can find without partaking in illicit substances. With grace and prowess, like Bronco himself, sitting proudly atop his battlestag, Where We Go is bound to blow you away.

GregGreg is a co-founder and regular contributor of Nanobot Rock. When not writing about Animal Eyes he is trying to get them to play “Freebird” during Treefort Music Festival. #SamRockwellForPresident